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    Dec 2003
    South Carolina

    Problems with Framework 1.1 machine.config settings

    I have a multi-threaded application that need to instantiate an HttpWebRequest object per thread (14 threads, will be as many as 35). The machine.confg (Framework 1.1 SP1) has a setting in <system.net>:

    <add address="*" maxconnection="2"/>

    This setting limits the number of web connections the Framework can make. I can increase the maxconnections value to 4 and 4 connections at a time can be made. Any number above 4 causes the service that owns the threads to throw this error in the System Event Log:

    Application Error : The instruction at "0x1000224e" referenced memory at "0x006f006f". The memory could not be "read".

    This error shows up in the Application Event Log at the same time:

    Faulting application shopfcservice.exe, version, faulting module hlcap.dll, version, fault address 0x0000224e.

    I am rebooting the pc after the changes to machine.config are made as well.

    I am stumped, anyone have any ideas?
    Stephen H. Stubbs
    Software Systems Engineer
    Smith Engineering, LLC

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    Dec 2003
    South Carolina
    Found the problem, an issue in the hlcap.dll that is used with HTTPLook. Uninstalled HTTPLook and all is well....

    Stephen H. Stubbs
    Software Systems Engineer
    Smith Engineering, LLC

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