I have a multi-threaded application that need to instantiate an HttpWebRequest object per thread (14 threads, will be as many as 35). The machine.confg (Framework 1.1 SP1) has a setting in <system.net>:

<add address="*" maxconnection="2"/>

This setting limits the number of web connections the Framework can make. I can increase the maxconnections value to 4 and 4 connections at a time can be made. Any number above 4 causes the service that owns the threads to throw this error in the System Event Log:

Application Error : The instruction at "0x1000224e" referenced memory at "0x006f006f". The memory could not be "read".

This error shows up in the Application Event Log at the same time:

Faulting application shopfcservice.exe, version, faulting module hlcap.dll, version, fault address 0x0000224e.

I am rebooting the pc after the changes to machine.config are made as well.

I am stumped, anyone have any ideas?