Hi all,
I created a new Java application: Jell (LGPL).
It is an object oriented shell, integrated with the scripting engine "Judoscript (it realized in Java too).
Even if it is a version 0.1, it is already functional and functioning, and using the tight integration with Judoscript (a very interesting scripting language) Jell is very flexible and powerful.
Jell creates an abstraction layer between the user and the underlying operating system.
Command in Ms Windows:
> dir

Command in Un*x:

In Jell you use the same command in every OS:

Furthermore, Jell work on local systems and remote systems:
> jdir.dir("c:/temp").get<
> jdir.dir("http://www.google.it").get

or (the same):

> jdir.dir="c:/temp"; jdir.get
> jdir.dir="http://www.google.it"; jdir.get

Please take a look to it; I hope it will be useful for all of you.
More: the downloaded package already contains source code and every jar library to use Jell.

Please send me your comments and opinions!

Internet site is:

Yahoo discussion group:

Thank you!