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    Problem with trying to click multiple buttons

    I'm currently programming my own audio player.
    I'm using audio input stream and line to read and write wav files.

    I'm also using Swing ask my program frames.
    For starting the line and stream i used a normal actionlistener on a Jbutton.

    But once i click on the button, i can't press any other buttons while the audio is streaming. I would like to click on my stop button to stop the audio from playing.
    Why can't i press any other buttons and how do i overcome it?

    I won't mind showing my source code if u PM me.

    Thank you for your help, much appreciated

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    Jul 2005
    SW MO, USA
    Sounds like you are using the AWT engine's thread to do processing. What I mean is that the AWT engine's thread is what responds to user interfaces like button clicks and if you use that thread to do some processing, it can't respond to any user interaction until the processing terminates.
    Solution: If you have a long running process to do in response to a user's click, put it on its own thread so that the AWT engine's thread will be available to respond to user interactions.

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