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    Check duplicated characters in a String


    Assume that I have a String and I want to check whether there is one (or more)
    character that appear more than once in that String. How should I do that? I'm a bit stuck at the algorithm. Please help.


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    An algorithm:
    Use a hashtable to save key=char, value = count
    Loop thru length of string
    Get next char from the string
    Look in hashtable for the char
    If not found, create a new entry for that char with value = 1
    if found, increment value by 1
    end loop
    get keys from hashtable and retrieve values

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    //start for or while loop, and nest another on inside
    for(int i = 0; i < stringName.length(); i++) {
        for(int j = 0; j <stringName.length(); j++) {
             /*compare the character srting's character position i with j using .charAt(int place) method, if they are the same add 1 to a counter. At the end of the for(j) loop decide if the counter is above 2. if it is then you have a repeated letter */
            if(compare two characters at i and j in stringName and check if same) {
                  add one to a counter;
          if(counter > 1) {
             do what you want to do once you have found two of the same characters in the same string.
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