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    Talking need help setting up a connection in VB6!!!

    Hi there - I'm new to VB (relatively) and I'm having trouble setting up a project that I was volunteered for:

    I need to set up a connection to a database (oracle table, I already have the connection strings) and have them show up in ChartFX in a web page - my company uses frontpage. The engineering group I work for needs access to all their performance reports and they want them to be on a web page and interactive (drill down features).

    iT'S been awhile since I've used VB 6 and I could really use either some help with the basic connection string code, or a website (other than this one) to help me out.


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    Here are some resources with some examples of these basic tasks.



    Amongst countless others, an excellent book for this would be ASP Databases by Wrox books.

    Good luck,
    Michael Sanchez
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