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Thread: keyboard inputs

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    keyboard inputs

    i was reading up on this syntax and it said that this automatically stores everything as int and ot convert it to char you would need to do something like - ch = (char);. well i was wondering if there is a way to convert to and store a string. i am basically looking to store a string value (name) through user input.
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    A way to read a string from the user is shown below:

    //get buffered reader
    BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader( new InputStreamReader(;
    //get line
    String line = in.readLine();
    //get another line
    String line2 = in.readLine();
    .. etc. Remember to import
    If a line consist of many words you can tokenize the line:
    StringTokenizer tok = new StringTokenizer(line);
    tok.nextToken(); //gets the first word
    tok.nextToken(); //gets the second word
    tok.nextToken(); //gets the third word
    The above code breaks up the line by using the 'space' as a delimiter. To use some other character (like a comma) as a delimited replace the first line above with:
    StringTokenizer tok = new StringTokenizer(line, ',');
    For more help,

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