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Thread: hash map

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    hash map

    working of hash map with an example

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    Suppose you want to maintain a simple address book. Here is an example:

    //create the hashmap
    HashMap map = new HashMap();
    //add 3 address book items
    map.put("Steve", "1501 Busy Ave.");
    map.put("Mary", "888 Somewhere CT.");
    map.put("Brenda", "111 Java Ave.");
    //get the address of steve from the map (must cast)
    String stevesAddress = (String)( map.get("Steve") );
    //get the address of bob from the map (must cast)
    //this line returns NULL b/c Bob isn't in the address book
    String bobAddress = (String)( map.get("Bob") );
    In hashmap terminology, the names of the people are called keys and the addresses are called the values of the hashmap.

    When you have a key (a name) , you can use the get() method to get the correspoding value (an address).

    It is best to use a hashmap when you don't need the keys to be sorted. Hashmaps are very "fast". If you need this functionality, use a TreeMap instead. Treemaps are "slower" than HashMaps.

    For more help, www.NeedProgrammingHelp.com

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    17 examples for hash map and hash table

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