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    Feb 2005

    TreeView Control Problem

    Hi, first i'm sorry about my English, i'm from Portugal.

    Now, i'm having a problem with a class and TreeView, and it's hard to explain.

    Imagine that i have one object named CDColection (that is my CD colection). In that object, i have two other; CDS and CD, that is All my CD's and one CD in my collection. In CD object i have the Title, the Year and the Autor of one CD. Now, the problem:

    i have this code:

    dim Discs as new CDS
    dim Disc as new CD
    dim nNode as node

    for each Disc in Discs
    set nNode = TreeView1.Nodes.Add(,,,Disc.Title)

    Now imagine that the result is 3 CD's

    the probem is that i have one TreeView completly disconected of my object, and if i click in one node, the result it's always the last CD.

    I can't do : set Disc = TreeView1.SelectedItem, 'cause i have an error, of Course

    If i wan't to click, for exemple, in the second node, how can i get the year and the autor of that CD in the Disc object ?

    Thanks Very Much.

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    Nov 2003
    Portland, OR
    In your CDCollection, you should include a Key or ID which uniquely identifies each CD. TreeView nodes also include a Key; when you add a CD object to the TreeView, assign the node's Key to be equal to the CD's key. Then when the user clicks on a TreeView node, you can use the Key to look up the CD in the CDCollection.
    Phil Weber

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    Feb 2005

    But still have a problem (maybe i don't explain myseelf)

    the result of the key of the TreeView it's a string, and to get the information about my CD i need of a reference to the object.

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