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Thread: SQL Server Reporting Reset Page count

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    Aug 2005

    Talking SQL Server Reporting Reset Page count

    This is for SQL Server Reporting Services.

    I have a report that will come back as 20 pages.

    What the user wants is on the beginning of another unique ID, which causes a new page to be started, to have the page count restart to 1.

    So, if I have 3 UniqueIDs for all 20 pages, and the first, IDAA, is 10 pages long, the second, IDBB, is 4 pages long, and the third, IDCC, is 6 pages long, then the page numbering would be as:
    1-10 for IDAA
    1-4 for IDBB
    1-6 for IDCC

    I know how to do this with Crystal, but am trying to figure it out here with either a page count formula, or some type of distinct count().

    This is what I've tried so far, but it resets on every page.
    So, each page is 1 even if the Unique ID spans 2-3 pages.
    I only need it to reset on a new field grouping of the list object.

    Here's the VB code for the report:

    Shared offset As Integer

    Public Function GetPN(reset As Boolean, pagenumber As Integer) As Integer
    If reset
    offset = pagenumber - 1
    End If
    Return pagenumber - offset
    End Function


    In the header, I have a textbox named "tag"

    In the footer, I've got the following expression:
    ="Unique ID Page: " & Code.GetPN(Not(ReportItems!tag.Value Is Nothing),Globals!PageNumber)

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    Aug 2005
    My fault...I had the textbox "tag" in the page header and not in the list object itself.

    It works!


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