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Thread: JDialog how to [newbie]

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    Sep 2005

    Red face JDialog how to [newbie]

    I'm a newbie in java and I just had my first contact with visual java programming, so I set up to build my hello world application.
    As IDE I am using NetBeans, and I have a button that I want to launch a message window when pressed. From what I heard... the right component for that would be JDialog, but I cand instantiate the component.
    I tried using a sintax like this:

    jDialog dialog = new jDialog()

    But it didn't worked... if someone have any idea of how should I do that, please tell me.. any new ideas are apreciated.. as long as I'm still at the beginning

    Thanks !

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    Jul 2005
    the Netherlands
    Here's the tutorial from Sun on how to create custom dialogs:
    It has some example code as well.

    Good luck.

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