I am struck with my first Mobile phone application using C#.
The application should allow the users to see location map on their cell phone when they search a zipcode or street address etc from their cell phones. I already have the area maps. so do not really need use of MapPoint.

I understood the VS.NET 2003 Smart Device application wizard and the Emulator stuff. made a test application and it was a great fun.

My query points starts after that,

Very less target peoples have internet connection on the cell phones. so I can not make this application WAP version of a web application.

-It needs to come as a service option from the local mobile service provider.

1. When this application would run from a cell phone, will it be able to connect to a database, if not, how the user input queries would be done.

2. Do I need to have webserver where all the maps and application logic programs would stay.

3. Do I need to give the mobile service provider an installer file of this application so they can install it somewhere in their system?.

I am looking for some help in this subject.

Thanks in advance,