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    Draw lines, fill areas w diff. colors within grid cell

    Hi there:

    I have a procedure that draws a grid with, say, 10 * 10 cells on it. Rather than filling each cell with a distinct color, I want to further subdivide each cell with some lines and distinct coloring.

    For example, I would like to have two lines running north-south so that the cell area is divided into three equal areas.

    Could you give me any lead how to do this?

    Thank you.

    Below I enclose my subroutine BaseMapDraw that draws each grid cell.

    ' Draw each grid cell.
    Dim lngX As Long: Dim lngY As Long: Dim lngXCentre As Long: Dim lngYCentre As Long
    ' Determine the row and column by looking at values of g_udtCell().
    lngX = (g_udtCell(lngCell).lngCol - 1) * m_lngWIDTH + (m_lngWIDTH / 4)
    lngY = (g_udtCell(lngCell).lngRow - 1) * m_lngHEIGHT + (m_lngHEIGHT / 4)
    ' 'Line' draws lines + rectangles on an object. 'B' causes a box to be drawn using coordinates to specify opposite box corners. 'F' fills box with same color.
    frmBaseMap.picMap.Line (lngX, lngY)-Step(m_lngWIDTH, m_lngHEIGHT), , BF
    ' Draws black lines around each grid cell.
    frmBaseMap.picMap.ForeColor = QBColor(0)
    ' Without space between cells.
    frmBaseMap.picMap.Line (lngX, lngY)-Step(m_lngWIDTH, m_lngHEIGHT), , B
    frmBaseMap.picMap.CurrentX = lngX + (m_lngWIDTH / 2)
    frmBaseMap.picMap.CurrentY = lngY + (m_lngHEIGHT / 2)

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    code not tested:

    for i = 0 to 2
    ...Line (lngx+i*m_lngWIDTH/3,lngy)-step(m_lngWIDTH/3,m_lngHEIGHT),colorofcell(i),BF
    ...Line (lngx+i*m_lngWIDTH/3,lngy)-step(m_lngWIDTH/3,m_lngHEIGHT),colorofborder,B

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