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    Feb 2005

    Question Set datagrid column width

    Hi people,

    How do I set a column width of a datagrid programmatically? Here is part of my code how I add a column to my datagrid.

            ' -- add bound columns to datagrid
            Dim col As New BoundColumn
            col = New BoundColumn
            col.HeaderText = "Name"
            col.DataField = Name
            col.SortExpression = Name
    I have set the width = 10px of the datagrid1 in the Design view, but the datagrid change its size if there are too much data in one record. I want a fixed size datagrid and always stay at the size that I have specified all the time no matter how much data are in a row.

    Please help


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    Oct 2005
    You can create a table with fix size (using html tag), after that you put your datagrid in to it. Think it will work as u think

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    Aug 2005
    I think you have removed the tick on the "wrap content..." indicator in design time. Try to tick it and see whether it could solve the problem.

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    Feb 2005
    thanks both,

    I will try your both suggestions in the future. At the mean time, I have remove unneccessary fields to keep the datagrid looks good....


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