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    Java - How to define classes

    I was wondering if someone could let me know if my basic template for making my own class(es) is right so far. It's an assignment for school so I was provided with the MainCoffee.java but I have to create my own class and use the Math class to compute shipping and total price. I'm not sure if the code will display below in the attachment but the file is .zip. (Ignore everything in comments, I will get back to that once I figure out the basic layout on how to do classes.)

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to need numLgBoxes, numMedBoxes, numSmBoxes, and totalPrice classes to do this.
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    Here's a start:
    class MyJava {
        private int noBags = 0;
        private int largeBoxes = 0;
        private int mediumBoxes = 0;
        private int smallBoxes = 0;
        private int totPrice = 0;
        public MyJava(int n) {
            this.noBags = n;
        public int price() {
            // return something
        public int numLgBoxes() {
            // return something
        public int numMedBoxes() {
            // return something
        public int numSmBoxes() {
            // return something
        public int totalPrice() {
            // return something
    Don't use the same variable- and method names. So if the method is called numLgBoxes don't use the same name for a variable.

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