how to find whether a result set is null or not

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Thread: how to find whether a result set is null or not

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    Aug 2005

    how to find whether a result set is null or not

    hi guys...i am new to jsp...does any one know how to detect whether a result set in null or i was writing a small prog on jsp..and in that prog i hve to check for a value which is there in the database or not..i hve executed the query using

    rs=statement.executeQuery("SELECT * from user_accounts WHERE id='"+record_id+"'");

    here record_id id the primery key

    and i hve written a statement

    }catch(SQLException e)

    and sometimes it doest works that is it doesnt detects if the result set is null

    is the any other way to the same procedure

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    Oct 2005
    Use this sentence previously to

    if (rs!=null)
    //Do whatever

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