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    Unhappy Possible to Build a browser based app for online (internet) & offline (PC/NB) use??

    Hi guys,

    Can anyone share your experience on building a web (browser) based application which works as both online and offline mode?

    By online I mean user access "connected" via Internet to a web / app server which do centralized connection to a RDBMS inside the house.

    While offline, I mean certain user may take their portion of data offline (say, onto their notebook), and have a standalone infrastructure on his machine (say, Jboss + some light weight DB). Such that, while disconnected, he still have the full functionalities of the web app available offline.

    In order to avoid the hazzle of maintaining two set of Java/JSP sources for the two modes, we've been instructed to work out a "1 Source" solution.

    Appreciate if anyone can shed some light on this!

    Have a good day!

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    If the app is properly structured, then the only difference for the two modes should
    be the database url. The best approach to this woul be to isolate the data access
    so that the rest of the app is unaffected by what database connection (or what
    make of database for that matter) the user currently has.

    Then there is the problem of synchronizing on & offline data, but that is a totally
    different ballgame.
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