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Thread: Button in JAVA

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    Button in JAVA

    there is this bowling clips i hv made using 3Ds MAX.I wanna use java in this .
    i hv created the clips which i hv converted into media player format.I wanna make a Java Applet in which there will be a power button which will decide whether the ball will hit the pins and also decide the speed.There will be 5 to 6 levels in this button which will correspond to the power of the ball thrown . So when we stop at a particular level in this button one of the 6 media player clips shud be invoked.
    I want some help so as to connect this power button wid Media player and also i want to know how to make this button (using java applet or ne other software).u can download a famous Flash bowling game which has this kind of button.We want to incorporate this in JAVA.Plzzz help.... thnks a lot.....

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    To launch or control other programs executing outside of the focus of your java frame you need to connect through JINI methods.

    Java has Java Media Framework which will allow you to play media. Here is a step into Sun material on the JMF:


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