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    Oct 2005

    Help in building Password manager in JAVA

    I m a student & I want to make Password manager as a project.(similar to the WAND in Opera).
    For this, I want to know how can the JAVA application & the browser inter-communicate, i.e. when one saves the password, how will the application extract username & password from web-page. Similarly, when user wants to use this application to put the password, how can it decide the web-page & how will it select a username & put it in browser.

    Kindly help.

    Thanx in advance.

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    There is an awkward/unreliable communication between HTML being displayed in a browser and a Java applet via Javascript.
    Applets can load new pages into the browser with a method. To control what's on that page would require server-side code to construct the page that is returned to the browser when the applet requests it.

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    A java applet's public methods can be accessed by javascript, - you use the name from the applet tag, not the class name so if your applet tag is like:
      codebase = "."
      code     = "forest.Forest.class"
      name     = "Hunters"
    and your applet has a public method doThis(int i) you
    can invoke it from javascript like:

    With Netscape's JSObject package a java applet can access all the elements
    in a html page, including javascript functions. This requires that the browser
    has the JSObject plugin, which my browser apparently has by default. Also,
    you must include the MAYSCRIPT attribute in the applet tag, this is a
    one word attribue; its by default off, to set it on, just include the word in the
    applet tag.

    Javascript comes in many fashions and while all features are available in
    some browsers other browsers just support a subset. In other words,
    when implementing "advanced" methods of a web page involving applets,
    html & javascript communication, it is nescessary to test run the setup in
    more than one browser.

    But, if your web page evolves like a tight knit application consisting of
    applet(s), web pages and javascript, you should consider going just applet all the way, at least I would.
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