Problem with Logger based on class instance!!!

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Thread: Problem with Logger based on class instance!!!

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    Oct 2005

    Problem with Logger based on class instance!!!

    Hi All,

    I have a problem with the Java logger. In a class I am creating a non static logger and I am trying to attach a FileHandler to it which will create a new file in which I write the logging messages. For every instance of that class I am creating a new filehandler but logging is not done as intended based on class instance. I mean I find log of other class instances in the same File.I am creating log file with a particular ID which we assigned to clients and after creating that I am writing log of that instance of class to that file but I find log of other instances also in that log file(from other clients). Some one please help me

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    Oct 2005
    1) Are you using loggin API in java.util?
    2) Posting some code will be helpful


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