Downloading a word document using JSP

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Thread: Downloading a word document using JSP

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    Downloading a word document using JSP

    I am trying to download a Word file from jsp and from my research, I noticed that I can use an <a href""> </a> tag.

    So I tried it usign the following code:
    <a href = "<%=ClaimForm.doc%>"> Download a Claim Form</a>

    but I am getting the following message:

    Undefined variable or class name: ClaimForm

    Could anyone debug or inform me of how else I can download a Word Document by letting the user click on a hyperlink?
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    Isn't this supposed to be "good HTML"? If so, take out the extra <% and %> and just have the name of the document in quotes following your href=. If the doc is being generated on the fly by a jsp, reference the jsp as the attribute to your href.

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    Thanks a mil! It's working in HTML!

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