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    Loading a image at runtime in Crystal report XI


    I am using crystal reports XL. In this I have to code in C# such that , it have
    to load a image at run time in crystal ReportXI .

    I searched and I found a example of how to load a image at run time, whcih is given i n VB.NET...

    I will attach the file along with this thread.Now I need that to be doen in c#.. and also I dont understand the program well. so please explain me how to do ..and pls send it in c# ....

    want this example to be learnt well. becoz in future, I might be working with many applications based onthis program .so pleasehelp m eto do this.

    I am attaching the file along with this thread.
    But as only 100 kb can be atched . I will attach teh file in two parts.
    ie, the report(.rpt file ) and xml schema file(.xsd) ..these both files , i will zip it and sent in reply to this thread..please unzip and add those two file sin thedirectory which i am sending alng with this thread now...(with c# file)

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    Sep 2005


    I will attach the report and xml schema ina zip file.. unzip the files and add in the previous folder dsImageReport..

    please help me out . I need the same progarmj to be doen in c#.. please change and sent i t.

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