The following information is for your review regarding your request for Procard
International's Work At Home Career Opportunities. We have a number of options
available for you, and with Procard International you can do any one or combination
of our Opportunities and change, at any time

1. Marketing Associate: FREE leads and FREE long distance are provided with
this position, which includes calling back customers who have already requested
details on our services and activating their accounts.
2. Referral Rewards: FREE leads and FREE long distance can also be provided
with this position, which can be done at AnyTime…AnyPlace, 100% over the
Internet. This position centers around contacting Associate Candidates, via
Email, and introducing them to Procard International's Career Opportunities.
This is NOT a sales position.
3. This is the newest extension of our traditional NetSmart Marketing
program, and it includes developing your own Zip Code Territory with Businesses
in your area. You would simply contact these Businesses via Internet or by
our additional Marketing Programs, and introduce them to AnyDay's website
design; web hosting, and/or our various marketing programs to help increase
their customer bases.

To look into Procard International's Career Opportunities, please do the
Step 1:
Step 2: Click on Career Opportunities
Step 3: Please use the Updated Access Code: WAYNEJ5599
Step 4: Just follow the directions
Step 5: It's that easy!

As you may know, you are NOT required to buy or invest anything to work with
Procard International. You are required to have one Initial Bonafide Enrollment
but it can be anyone you choose.

If you do not know whom to enroll, you can do our Business-to-Business contact
program, which is FREE! The company was initially built on this system. As
a matter of fact, each one of us (who Emails with you from our Home Office)
has a minimum of 5 years experience with our company and have all done the
Business- to-Business contact program for at least 2 years each. Our European
Office's credentials are just as strong. The link is below:

If you do decide to take advantage of the services for yourself and use that
account as your Initial Bonafide Enrollment, you can get the discounted Associate
rate of $9.95/month, which is about 1/3 off the retail rate. If you want
to complete your Initial Bonafide Enrollment and get started, right away,
please click this link below:

Procard International positions are on a first-come, first-serve basis, only!
The reason is because we need to ensure FREE leads and SECURED Zip Code Territories
for our current Associates. By activating into the Procard International
system, your position can be secured.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to E-mail me at

If you have already activated into our Procard International System, could
you please reply to this Email so that I can make sure that my records are
updated with our Home Office records.

This E-mail is the result of your initial request for details with Procard
International's Work At Home posting. If you would like to be removed from
this posting, please click on Reply and type "remove" in the heading.

We are here to help you!
Wayne Jang