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    Oct 2005

    Can anyone help in coding this applet plz i really gave up and i need help ASAP

    can any1 help me in coding this following applet question:


    Write a windowed application to fulfill the following requirements. This applet will be built upon the topics we have studied in lectures: Java Applications, Methods, Classes Arrays, AWT Components plus methods in the Java Math class, e.g., square root, compound interest, etc.
    User interface:

    •Your program should prompt the user to enter the price of a house, the number of years for which they would like to make payments towards re-paying the mortgage for the house, the interest rate charged for mortgage, and the down-payment amount.

    •Your program should use check-buttons to allow the user to select one of two types of loans – the SIMPLE INTEREST LOAN or the COMPOUND INTEREST LOAN

    •Your program should then use all the information provided in the above two bullet-points to calculate the following:

    1.Total amount the borrower will pay at the end of the borrowing period – in Dirham

    2.Monthly loan payment amount in Dirham

    3.Amount to be saved if complete loan is paid in half the re-payment period indicated by borrower.
    4.Amount to be saved if complete loan is paid in ¾ of the time indicated by the borrower.

    •The above four pieces f information should be displayed as labels inside a results panel. The results panel should not overlap the data-input panel but both panels should be included in the same window.
    Technical requirements:
    Your program should perform the following.
    1.Obtain user inputs using AWT components.

    2.Create two separate classes to determine the simple interest loan’s results, and the compound interest loan’s results

    3.Group all outputs into the same CLASS. This class should be different from the one in which user inputs are captured.

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    Jul 2005
    SW MO, USA
    You'll have to make a start coding and ask some questions about problems you are having.

    Otherwise, pay someone to write your code.

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    Feb 2006
    >.< hehehehehehehehehe....homework? you can't just ask for the answers, you need to have some code to go off of. Like start out and try some different things then post your problems. Paste soem sample code and let everyone know whats going on.

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