Hello everyone,

I've got this great idea for a program but don't really know how to get
going on it. I am essentially working on a "Chat" Program. I've
created a simple basic command line chat program where one computer
acts as a "Server" and a client connects to it over the network. The
two computers can then send messages back and forth to the other. This
basically follows the Sun Java example (KnockKnockServer and
KnockKnockClient). Now comes for the customization that I don't really
know where to begin. I want multiple clients to connect to the
"Server", and when the "Server" ask the clients a question all the
clients get the same question. When the clients get the question they
can answer multiple times until the user at the "Server" stops
accepting answers. Then the Clients' last answer is recorded.

My question is basically "how?" I've tried to create different threads
(java.sun KKMultiServer) but this isn't really what I want and I don't
know how to change it to make it what I want. Does anyone have any
Ideas, or where I should look for answers?