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    Nov 2004

    Problem extracting a text file from a jar

    Hi to everyone,

    I have coded an applet that performs visualizations of some graph algorithms.
    The last version of applet that works smoothly can be found at:

    The method that fills the right hand side textarea with a text file (help.txt) can be found below:

    In order to deliver my applet i have put everything (class,wav and text files) inside a jar file.
    So i changed the method that fills the right hand side textarea with the help file(help.txt) to:

    Nevertheless it didn't work out:

    How must i modify the method so as to work when my text file(help.txt) is inside a jar?

    I must point out that both the htm file and the jar lie in the same folder. Moreover i don't use packages.

    Thanks in advance

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    Jul 2004

    Working the Data grid control

    Hi folks.Long time no hear or read from me.I ve been away from my system due to some reasons.Thanks
    Pls I have this problem with the datagrid control
    1.In my database I have a field whose data type I set to Number while using access 2000.
    2.In the front end am using VB6 and the control I will be using to enter data is the data grid control.
    3.However when I mistakenly enter an alphabetic character in the grid where am supposed to enter a number I get an error ("Multiple step operation").
    4.I have tried to trap the error in the keypress,coledit,lost focus events of the grid control but no success.
    Can anyone out there assist wiyh a code to trap this error?

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