Hi I'm doing a exercise which requires a user interface. I have coded prompts for the user e.g.

Please Enter Amount (type double)

Please Enter Agreed Interest Rate (type double)


What seems to be happening is:

1) When I enter an amount (type double) a different amount will printout onto the console screen e.g

I enter 8.0
Console screen prints out 56.0 ????

2) After I enter the one amount the console will not allow me to enter the amounts for the other options ???

I am using Eclipse Gallello (sorry for spelling)


public class Comp_Interest_Calc_tut

public static void main(String[] args)
throws java.io.IOException


* Variables have already been declared*

System.out.println("Enter Years");
Years_In = (double)System.in.read();


System.out.println("Enter Agreed Interest Rate");
InterestRate_PA = (double)System.in.read();