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    Web based Location Based Services


    Iam trying to build a LBS system using the web.

    My users would be connected over several wireless access points over a campus and I want to be able to plot their position and associate data ( such as services in the building near that AP) so the user can see their location on a map throug the browser, I want to limit the client machine requirements to a browser...

    I have a linux server with apache php mysql perl, and anything that would be required.

    Can someone guide me to some howto's, I cant find any!

    p.s., this is not a school project...

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    The easiest way to start is using the ready-made interface of a client. Normally, these tools give you a very detailed information about each AP in a regions of say 1 mile, including the code of each AP, its IP address and so on. Using this information, you can build a map that associates its AP with the nearest building, auditorium etc. It's also possible to use dedicated APIs, but this approach enatils much more work.
    BTW, this cerrainly doens't like a school project...I salute your instructor for the originality and vision!
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    Danny Kalev

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