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    How to design sql table to store checklist information and more

    Just so you know I'm new to VB and SQL.

    I'm trying to create a form in vb.net. I've gotten as far as being able to show some of the data that I want, but I need to add a checklist to the bottom of the form and I can't seem to figure out how to design a SQL table that would store the checkbox fields. For example, I want to show the workorder number and the requester from a table called "TASKS" which I've done already, but I need to have another table to store the checkbox or checklist information. The checklist would contain all of the things that need to be done in order to setup a new user. I would have something like Add account to active directory, then a field that said the date it was completed, and them another field that had whom it was completed by. I'm thinking I would have to add the workorder number field in the table so the two tables could be joined.

    Any ideas on how I should go about creating a sql table to store this kind of information? If there's a better way to accomplish what I'm trying to do, I'd like to hear that also. Thanks

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    Sounds like you want something like this...

    CREATE TABLE Checklist
    TaskID int NOT NULL,
    Item1 bit DEFAULT 0,
    Item1Date datetime,
    Item2 bit DEFAULT 0,
    Item2 datetime,
    Item3 bit DEFAULT 0,
    Item3 datetime

    Where TaskID is your foreign key to your TASKS table.

    Just create a column for each checklist item, and a date column if you want to log the date it was 'ticked'. Use a boolean column, ie 1 to denote its completed.

    Hope this helps..

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