We have a web application and our online help is provided through an xml help file. When we post our web application on our test server, all PC's are able to access and display the help correctly. When users try to access the help xml file from the live production website, the help file displays correctly on some PC's and other PC's get a file not found error.

We know the file is existing in the correct location because even on a PC that is getting the file not found error, we are able to direclty type in the address in the address bar in IE and it is displaying the XML file.

The problem is occurring only when users try to access it from the live application site. Only some users get the file correctly, others get the file not found error.

We tried verifying the XML parser versions, security settings on the PC's that are getting this error but nothing really works. For all users, the test server works well.

Please help me if you have any ideas. Why would I get a file not found error on a live site and not on a test site.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.