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Thread: how to make a native file (.exe) from VC++

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    Question how to make a native file (.exe) from VC++

    i have a problem for make a batch file but it must in exe file. what object or header file i have to use? exe file will generated when i release button create exe file. any one can give me a solution? you know it's not a virus program. but i want to make a java program launcher. :confused:

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    Visual doesnt really make batch files, you could I suppose as all you need is a text editor. Visual does not understand that language.

    I had a very hard time understanding you. Try writing your question in your native language and running it through a translator to english if you can.

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    sorry if my english is poor,
    here i want to do,
    i always make a batch file to execute my java class, but now i want to change this method to exe file.
    so the exe file that generated from VC++ aplication is just a launcher, like if in vb
    shell("java myclass");

    it's just simple, like compile source code on VC++ aplication when runtime.
    do you know what object to do this in VC++?
    in pseudocode is just like,
    string source=" int main(){
    execute(""java myclass"");
    return 1;
    then i said,

    how to do that in VC++? is any object like "compile" in VC++?

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    Dec 2003
    ok. just do this:

    int main()
    system( "batch file command one);
    system("batch line 2...);
    system("batch line 3..);

    check out shellexecute and shellexecutex as well if you want to make it more complex.

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