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    Apr 2003

    JSP... architecture...

    In very short: I need a JSP to display data that is kept in a DB (actually so far only META tags (HTML HEAD...)) but they change very rarely there... so I made custom JSP tag that returns correct data by matching requesting page's URL to data in a HashMap...

    The only thing now is how to properly implement the 'cache' class that pulls/refreshes the data from the DB say every 60 minutes? (it's ran on multiple servers/load balanced, should be well architected for scalability and performance...)

    The 'cache'/pulling class: I need _something_ (like EJB/Servlet) [Question 1: suggestions on what _it_ should be?] to start when the server starts (preferably when it starts VS first request to the resource) [Question 2: how to start it?]

    Once started it pulls some data from DB into a HashMap/ArrayList and continuously pulls data once every 60 minutes from the DB - I should have a thread I guess? [Question 3: best way to implement this?]

    And a custom tag class should pull the HashTabe from the above component every time a JSP page requests it...
    Suggestions on the architecture?

    Any tips, tricks, links, suggestions are much appreciated

    Thank you all...

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    Oct 2005
    how can i add java class file to in my JSP program?

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    Oct 2005

    Red face jsp with core java

    how can i add java program in jsp or servlet.the java program might be in frame or applet?

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    Apr 2003
    This is all J2EE based on MVC archetecture...

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    Jul 2005
    Antwerp - Belgium

    adding a java class to a JSP

    If you want to add a java class to a JSP, simply write
    <jsp:useBean id="film" class="org.gertcuppens.cluif.Film" scope="session"/>
    To get a better idea on the MVC or Model View Controller design pattern, google around or buy the "Apache Tomcat Bible" from Eaves, Jones & Godfrey. This book explains how to download java, MySQL, Eclipse and it explains how to build a web application with the MVC design pattern.

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