I am trying to implement BeanShell, but get an error stating that the "package bsh does not exist" when compiling. I'm sure I've put the bsh .jar file in the correct folder (java home/jre/lib/ext), so I'm a bit perplexed.

When I write "import bsh." the only thing that pops up is "*" (entire package). If I write "import bsh.Interpreter", I get no complaints. Either way (ie "import bsh.*" or "import bsh.Interpreter") I can create an interpreter:

Interpreter i = new Interpreter();

If I remove the import statement all together, I can't create the Interpreter. From this I gather that java finds the package, but when I compile it tells me that the package is missing. Am I an idiot or is this a bug of some strange sort? I know this has some easy fix and that I'm probably a stupid newbie, but please help me if you can. I've been at it all day and I'm going nuts.