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    Oct 2005

    HELP - Popup Calendar Problem using C# & JavaScript

    I've found 1001 examples of a popup Calendar on the web, unfortunately these are all using ASP.NET/C#/JavaScript.
    I need an example using only C#/JavaScript, can anyone help?


    I've tried converting the ASP.NET parts to C# but I believe I encounter problems converting the onclick="calendarPicker('Form1.txtEventDate');" part.

    This results in the line...

    Link.Attributes.Add("href", String.Format("JavaScript:window.opener.document.{0}.value = \'{1:d}\'; window.close();", Request.QueryString["field"] , e.Day.Date));

    ...not populating the {0} correctly.

    [ASP.NET example attached]

    Added 4th Nov 2005

    Hmm, I thought popping up a window and passing a variable to/from it would be pretty straight forward as in other languages.

    Apparantly not.
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