SQL Server & Memory Issues

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Thread: SQL Server & Memory Issues

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    SQL Server & Memory Issues

    I have developed an application with VB6 (SP6) + SQL Server which is running on a dual 3.0 Xeon server with Win2003 Server. I am running into an issue where nearly everyday we get an error about lack of resources when users try to logon. I check and the available physical memory slowly gets smaller. I found that if I stop the app and stop and start SQL Server I get the majority of the memory back for another 12- 18 hours. The users are accessing the app via remote desktop which attaches to MSTS. The server has 1GB of main memory. Would increasing this help? Is there some sort of maintenance to be run on SQL Server so I get the memory it is using back without having to stop/start it? Do I need to have separate servers? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Are your sql's in your vb6.0 app optimized?

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    Not sure what that means. They are all cnn.Execute "INSERT" or "UPDATE" or "DELETE".

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