Hi Experts.

I have been working in Java for a while now, but have never had to interact with a web service. I have built a program using the JSDK that needs to query a web service. I'm not sure where to start with this .

All i know is that I will be getting a URL that i must call and i must pass a number to this URL. I must then expect a XML document back.

I'm maybe looking for someone to tell me more or less what to expect or do .

1) How do I link to the web service from a Java application? Do i simply create a socket connection to the URL on port 80. Example http://www.dummywebservice.com?number=1000.

2) Is there any other information (http header) that must be sent?

3) Is the XML returned via the socket connection? Do i just read this in as if i was reading in a object over a socket?

4) Are there any existing simple web services that follow i can use to query try and get this working? What are they and how do I query them?

I'm really new to this and it kind of needs to be done quick. Any help would be really good. If possible demo code will help a lot.

Please help me, Thanks.