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Thread: DataGrid Question

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    DataGrid Question

    There is a message board application.
    And the DataGird is being used to populate the threads.
    Topic,Startedby replies,views and Date Posted.
    But now i want to add LAST POST if there is any.
    There are 2 tables post and reply
    On the Last Post column i would like to retrieve the Last Reply from the
    reply table
    into that column so for exmaple "1/1/2005 @13:49pm by Name"
    the reply table has the columns replyid,name,subject,dt(date),message and
    What would be the best way to do this?

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    Add a new field in both tables, DATE, and set its default value to getDate OR Now() depending on the db u r using and then use order by date DESC to get the field.
    new to programming but getting ther

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