Hi Guys,

I hope some of you have experience this scenario before.
I have an WordML file(the client save their Docs as XML in windows 2003). I this WORDML, i let the client supply some tags on it(field tags to be exact) while they are creating the word document in Office 2003. they then upload this document in the server. i can either save it physically or thru the Database. This WordML acts as template for them to have an actual data from the web application like generate document for Mr. John Doe. The process i will do is replace the tags created by the client with the actual data from the database. after replacing the tags, i will flush it as document file. My question guys is that am i doing this right? i am refraining myself to use the Word DCOM since this is not advisable. is there a way to do this than parsing the WordML in and searching the tags and replacing it with data field from my datatable? (no problem on the tags, got a list for the clients to use).

Thank you guys.