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    Unhappy Write a Java applet

    Write a Java applet which animates the radio (descibed below), using threads for each of the composed processed.

    The radio has an on/off switch which turn the radio on and off respectively.
    Tuning is controlled by two buttons scan and reset which operate as
    follows. When the radio is turned on or reset is pressed, the radio is tuned to
    the top frequency (108 MHz). When scan is pressed, the radio scans towards
    the bottom of the band (88 MHz). It stops scanning when it locks on to a
    station or it reaches the bottom (event end). If the radio is currently tuned
    to a station and the scan button is pressed, then it starts to scan from the
    stationís frequency towards the bottom. Similarly, when reset is pressed the
    receiver tunes to the top. The scanning proceeds in steps of 1 MHz.
    There are also two other buttons, tunefav and setfav, which allow the user
    to assign a frequency as her/his favorite. To do so, one scans to the desired
    stationís frequency and then presses setfav. If afterwards one presses tunefav then the radio tunes back into the favorite frequency.
    When switched on, the radio is set to the top of the frequency range. The
    favorite is not forgotten when switching the radio off.

    Sorry for the large thread but i really dont know what to write...

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    Here is a good tutorial for applets - Applet Tutorial
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