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    Exclamation unable to resolve import type

    Hi there,
    Here are the relevant bits of code:
    line 1: <%@page import="edu.dirsync.DirSync.*"
    line 172:     if( searchByDepartment(srchscope) )
    line 173:    {
    line 174:      out.println("      <tr>\n");
    line 175:      out.println("        <td valign=\"bottom\" align=\"left\" colspan=\"2\"><span class=\"c1\">\n");
    line 176:      out.println("        <font size=\"2\">DEPARTMENT:</font><br>\n");
    line 177:      out.println("        <span style=\"text-transform: uppercase\"><select name=\"param3\"  size=\"1\">\n");	
    line 178:	  out.println(getDepartments());
    line 179:/*
    line 180: *      out.println(DirSync.getDepartments());
    line 181: */     
    line 182: 	  out.println("        </select></span></font></span></td>\n");
    line 183:      out.println("      </tr>\n");
    the class inside edu.dirsync.DirSync is a public class returning a string and set in the appropriate path.

    Here's the weirdness.
    When I load this page in a browser, I get a 500 Error:
    Generated servlet error:
    DirSync cannot be resolved
    BUT, when I reload the page, even after blowing away the cache and temporary files, the page loads. True, it doesn't return any values from my getDepartments method, but the page loads.
    I've never run into this, but I've tried all sorts of naming conventions DirSync.getDepartments, etc...
    If this looks familiar at all or if you know what it is, please let me know asap. This project's taken me so long to finish, I'm starting to look bad.

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    Oct 2005
    New Jersey
    <%@page import="edu.dirsync.DirSync"%>
    I think the first line should look like above.
    Happiness is good health and a bad memory.

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