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    Oct 2005

    Which framework and tools should I use?

    We are students of computer science and we are going to make web application where the main aim is to present on www a lot of charts, graphes, tables created from complicated database's queries. The interaction witch web users won't be complicated. Few forms and in SSL.

    PostgreSQL - i think there aren''t any better open-source database, are any?
    Tomcat - we don't have posibility to use another application server

    MVC Framework:
    I've made one project in Struts. It is very good, but I am a student and I want to learn another framework. Maybe Spring? Or I've even heard about connecting Struts and Spring

    Model - iBatis DAO and iBatis SQL Maps. I have never used this. I've read about it and I think that is ease to use and not so much heavy as for example Hibernate.

    The View - what is the best solution to present a lot of tables, graphs.. on www? What do you think about such solution like:
    Jasper Reporst

    What combination would you recommend me?

    At the end i would like to ask what is it Jakarta Turbine and Jakarta Jetspeed? Are they frameworks like Struts or what?

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    Jul 2005
    Antwerp - Belgium

    Jfreechart and MyEclipse

    Seems to me that you've already made a good choice.
    Some years ago I worked with JFreeChart which you can find at JFree.org

    If you already know about Struts, it might be a good thing to take a look at Spring. I'm a mere Java amateur but I've got the impression Spring is really gaining ground.

    If you're working with Eclipse, you might want to consider buying the plugin from MyEclipse. It's about 30$ a year and you can work with Struts from within Eclipse.

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