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    Oct 2005

    Help finishing problem

    I don't how to explain the question that was asked, I think it was something like write a program using arrays that would subtract eash interger in the array? anyway something like this

    array 1/2/5/10/17 then the next array would look like this 2/5/7 then keep subtracting until it reaches zero

    heres what I have so far don't give me the answer but any hints would be helpful thanks

    Int[] seqDiff(int[] a){
    int[] temp= new int[a.length -1];
    for(int i = 0; i<temp.length; i++)
    tmp[i] =a[i+1]-a[i]
    Return temp;
    I don't know how to make it stop

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    Sep 2005
    istanbul / Turkey
    1-)all elements of temp array's may reach zero
    (there is no guarantee ).
    you may check it with in a loop. i suggest to write a seperate function doing it . ( forexample boolean isSolved( int[] a) )

    2-or you will have a list which include only 1 element ( non-zero ) so you cant go further.
    this means method is not proper for that data
    or you have not enough points ( data ) to solve it in that way.

    you may search "newton interpolation"
    to learn more abouth this method.

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