Bind a BindingNavigator to the Table

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Thread: Bind a BindingNavigator to the Table

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    Bind a BindingNavigator to the Table

    I want to Bind a BindingNavigator to a table using OLEDB or any other method (excluding the automatic stuff for increased complexity of my CW). I bound the Data Grid to the data using the following code
                'Get the Questions inside the selected Quiz Title
                Dim DA As OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter = New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter("SELECT Question.Question_ID, Question.Question_no, Question.Question FROM Question INNER JOIN Quiz ON Quiz.Quiz_ID = Question.Quiz_ID WHERE Question.Quiz_ID =" & GetID(combQuiz_Title.SelectedItem), myConnection.GetConnection)
                Dim DS As DataSet = New DataSet
                DA.Fill(DS, "Question")
                grdQuestions.DataSource = DS.Tables("Question")
            Catch ex As Exception
            End Try
    Then I created my own delete and save commands. But I dont how to do the same using BindingNavigator

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