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    Data Bound Form Issue

    Here is my situation. I have a form with controls bound to fields in a dataset (dsData) which was filled by a data adapter (daData). I modify the data in one of the bound controls and leave the control. The field in the datarow has now changed to match the value in the bound control. The dataset's HasChanged property is still false (I know, it gets updated when the row position changes). If I now do a daData.Update(dsData) the database does not change. It only updates if I change the row position and then run the update. My table in the dataset is only being filed with 1 row (for example: the order record in an order/order details dataset). How do I get the update to modify the database without forcing a change in row position?


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    May 2004
    Duluth MN
    Figured it out. I need to do a EndEdit on the current datatrow and then the update works.

    This forum is the best. All I have to do is post a problem and within an hour or two I can figure out a solution


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