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    Solution for blocked popups?

    Whats up guys, first post here.

    I'm designing a business website and there's couple spots where I’d really like to use a Pop Up; specifically for opening forms, and small news stories. The problem is that pop-up blockers are blocking these windows, and to some people who don’t know much about computers, it just seems like an inactive link.

    What are your thoughts on pop-ups in general, do you guys ever use ‘em? Is there an alternative method? Is there a script that would force them to open?

    Is it feasible do have “Pop-Ups must be allowed” in the requirements paragraph?

    Thanks for the assistance,


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    You can allow popups just for your site by configuring the pop up blocker so guess thats all i can say

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    You should probably do your best to avoid using them. We use them on DevX in a few places (to show a large size screen capture, for example) but you'd be smart to find some other method if you can. While it's easy enough to tell your popup blocker to put your site on their whitelist, they've got to be pretty motivated to do so. If your only visitors will be a small community of regular vistors (such as employees) it's probably OK but if you're hoping to interest a broad swath of casual vistors, don't use them.

    No you can't "force" them to open--nor would you want to. You'll just irritate people and damage your relationship with them. It's not worth it. It's their desktop, not yours.

    If you decide to use them anyway, just put a small bit of text near the links asking readers to please whitelist your site in order to make the links work.


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    Nov 2005

    Just don't

    For public websites, just don't use them. It's not worth it.

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