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Im currently studying java.
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Word Processor (DOS based)

Abstract: To create a DOS based word processor that will be capable of basic features. This word processor will be able to exhibit topics on Java Programming Language Course SL-275 from Module I to 9.


L Word Processor User Interface
This interface will include a menu for the basic function (open, save, save as, new, exit, help, about). It will be DOS based and can be operated thru the console. The interface will also include an area for the display and the writing of the text file. This will also include the help and about screens.

IL File Access
This module will focus on the creation and modification of text files. It will handle all file access for the word processor (open, save, save as).

III. File Handler
It will be the responsibility of this module to properly modify a document according to the user input. It will handle all basic keyboard input including white spaces.

IV. Additional Functionalities
a. Spell Check - This will enable the user to check the spelling of the words in the document. It will display the result of the check in a portion of the screen.
b. Multiple Document Handling - Multiple documents can be open at the same time. Switching between documents will be handled by this functionality.
c. Scrolling - A functionality to be able to scroll vertically for long
documents. (The basic requirement will only cover the entire screen).,
d. Function Keys - This will handle the use of function keys to invoke the
different commands (eg. F2 - Save).
e. Copy / Cut / Paste - This will allow the user to copy/cut/paste a particular document selection.