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    How to: Send Mobile Video Content?

    I have an idea that I am trying to implement for sending specialized video content to multiple mobile video devices (cell phones, PDAs, etc).

    I haven't the slightest idea if it is something I can set up on my own servers, and send out, or if there are data delivery providers that I can set up a account with to send out my content on a per use basis.

    Also, what video formats are considered somewhat universal for delivery, or is it better to wrap the contents inside a Java compatible player, or Flash or something of that nature.

    A few pointers in the general direction would be of much help. Thanks in advance!


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    First of all, separate between the content (i.e., the file format) and the rendition (i.e., the player). It's best to stick to the well-known formats that are idely recognized and supported, but you can also offer users the ability to choose the bandwidth or the player. Take a look at Amazon for an example: they usually offer RealPlayer and MediaPlayer. The contents are stored on a server. This could be an ISP, or a content provider that specializes in this area.
    As for the player: I don't know how reliable and robut a Java player can be. It will have to be donloaded every time, and it's also a security hazard so some devices will not allow this. It's better to implement a small applet that tries to find an existing player on the current device, or prompt the use to choose the supported player. Remember that eventually, you can't support every model of every brand. Many mobile phones are simply incapable of dealing with media streaming, so try to offer a reasonable set of choices, but up to an acceptable limit: nore more than 2 players and up to three file formats sounds reasonable.
    Danny Kalev

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    Thumbs up Get a good platform

    I was in the same position. A bit lost! It's really difficult going alone. Try a platform like txtnation.com. Worked for me anyway! They can do it all for you much cheaper than you can do it yourself. Just plug in their stuff and you're away. Couldn't be easier. Talk to them and they're sure to help out. Hope that helps!

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    I agree with Danny... 3 file formats is more than enough... Look at your target market...its big, but their devices are more or less the same...Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc... and file formats are also from a small set ...3 GPP file format and 2 more... real media/ mp4/ wmv... take your picks based on the phone's you would like to support...

    There are a few companies which are offering solutions in this regards ...

    www.emuzed.com : Provide most of nokia's media players: Their site can be useful to you...

    www.mauj.com: majorly into games and content...but have a platform for content delivery

    www.plus91.in : newbies into the field...but have a strong background...no whitepapers... will have to contact to get any information...

    But considering your project...its pretty doable on your own...its only when the quantity of content gets huge, you might need help

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