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    Oct 2006

    University Final Year Project Idea

    Hi all,

    I am currently a final year student studying Interactive Media Production at Bournemouth University in the UK. For my final year, i have to complete a major project of my choosing.

    For this project i came up with the idea to try and create a java application for a mobile device of some sort, that could be used to interact with a library of music stored locally on a computer. (such as an itunes music library) The application would request a list of tracks from the library via bluetooth and the computer would then send the titles of those tracks back to the mobile device via bluetooth.

    The mobile user would then have the option to select one of these tracks to play and send that request back to the computer which would then play the track.

    Basically the java application would be a glorified remote control which would allow the user to to see the tracks available without having to view the computers monitor.

    What i would really like to know is:
    - firstly whether this kind of project is possible with Java and Bluetooth for mobile devices.
    - and secondly if it is does anybody have any suggestions or pointers as to what would be the best way of building such a project.

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


    Leo Lanksford

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    Nov 2003
    The good news is that it's doable, well sort of. The bad news is that it's going to be a bit over the top for a final project since it involves a lot of security issues that a serious (i.e., not a demo) app will have to address. I would go for something simpler. How about syncing the local database of the mobile device with the desktop computer by means of a cable? What I'm trying to propose here essentially is that you focus on the app's logic itself rather than being bogged down by security issues that just get in the way (and they do!).
    Danny Kalev

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    Jan 2005
    Yup as Danny points out, thats its doable...It sounds like a very good project. And if have a background in Programming, its not really over the top for a 5-6 month project at the Master's level...
    My two bits will be to finalize on a set of functionalities, and develop a design plan focussing on logic requirements to provide these functionalities. Modularization will help you in 2 ways. It will allow you a break up plan on build and integrate, and will also allow you an exit strategy at certain points in case you may need it. For Example in case your module which is able to depict the lists from the computer and display it is ready, and you are short on time, you can always have this module integrated with a wrapper around the PC cable drivers and finish the project...Best of luck ...

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