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Thread: Tic Tac Toe

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    Nov 2005

    Tic Tac Toe

    I created a tic tac toe game where you plsy against the computer, however its too easy for the human player to win. how can i make it so that the computer wins all the time or ties the human player?

    public int[] chooseMove(char symbol){
    int[] move = new int[2];
    int blockRow = 0;
    int blockCol = 0;
    int progressRow = 0;
    int progressCol = 0;

    for (int i=0; i < ticTacToe.length; i++){
    for (int j=0; j < ticTacToe[i].length; j++){
    if (ticTacToe[i][j] == '_'){
    progressRow = i;
    progressCol = j;
    } else if (ticTacToe[i][j] != symbol){

    } else {


    if(blockRow != 0 || blockCol != 0){
    move[0] = blockRow;
    move[1] = blockCol;
    } else {
    move[0] = progressRow;
    move[1] = progressCol;
    return move;

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    Aug 2003
    I wrote a generalized version of this game for one of my courses in college. Basically what I did was had a set which contained all possible solutions as referenced cells. When a square was played in by either player, the cell was filled in. When a solution had at least one square for both players, that solution was considered invalid and was discarded. It turns out to be very efficient to incrementally update and search the board for your best move, as long as you aren't going to be looking too deep. The algorithm would go something like this:

    A | B | C
    D | E | F
    G | H | I

    There are 8 possible solutions:
    They are valued by the number of moves remaining for the player to win (positive numbers if you will win and negative numbers if the opponent will win). Then you can just check the groups that have value 1, and if there are any, then make your move into the last remaining cell. Then do the same thing for the groups with -1. You can then do intersections of the groups of values 2 to see if there is a single square such that moving there would make 2 2 valued groups into 1 valued groups, if you can do that then you move there. Same thing for the opponent and -2 valued groups.

    This may be a bit of overkill, and it probably wouldn't take too long to write a program to solve the best move simply using a depth-first traversal of all possible sequences of moves from a given point.

    Hope this helps.

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    Nov 2005
    I am currently trying to create an even simpiler program, one where the same person can play for both sides. I am trying to make the board using a 2-D array but then drawing the lines so that it is basically 9 quadriants that I can set values according to their position in the array. I need to know a way where I can set the size, as far as pixels, for each quadriant so that when I run it as an applet it is in a 500 x 500 area on a web browser. I also am having trouble with how i should go about with changing turns. I figure is can set each quadriant to some boolean where once clicked it would change to either a value for X or a value for O. Where once clicked the appropriate value will be drawn. I am using a MouseListener for this. I just need some sort of guidance as to any possible ways to go about this.

    Sorry this doesn't help the original thread topic but i figure its somewhat related.

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    Aug 2003
    Probably the easiest thing to do is just use a grid-layout or flow-layout with 9 buttons. When they are clicked, set their label to either X or O depending on who clicked it and then disable them. This way you can just use the built-in/easy mouse handeling features of the buttons.

    Hope this helps.

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