Starting java please help

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Thread: Starting java please help

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    Oct 2005

    Smile Starting java please help

    Im really new to java and ive been wanting to learn for a while, but i dont no were to start, ive read some tutorials on sites and step by step guides but im not quite sure what to do.

    But if i have somwere were i can start and stuff i could learn

    So could anyone help me??

    thanks - mega

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    Nov 2004
    This forum is not a bad place to start. Many of the threads here deal with beginners
    problems and in many cases the complete source is available.
    eschew obfuscation

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    Aug 2005
    Hello and welcome to the world of Java...hope the links below help

    Naveen Vooka
    DevSquare - Online Application Development

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    Oct 2005
    Get a *good* book. Does anybody in the forum know any good books for introductory programming with java? I am at a loss here, I fear.

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    Aug 2005
    I personally like these
    * Herbert Schildt Java 2 A Beginner's Guide
    * The Complete Reference Java 2 By Herbert Schildt
    * Bruce Eckel," Thinking in JAVA "

    Naveen Vooka
    DevSquare - Online Application Development

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    Aug 2005
    The best thing is to read an entire book on Java. The book I used was This is the new edition for Java 1.5.

    The step by step guides are good for starting but for going to the next level you should read an introductory Java book like this one.

    Also, I would recommend to read a data structures book after you learn Java. Mark Weiss' book on Data Structures w/ Java is a good start. The best is "Introduction to Algorithms" by Cormen.

    The reason you should learn data structures is because you will use them throughout your programs. It also teaches you to be aware of efficiency in your programs and about designing solutions to problems.

    For more help,

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    Nov 2005
    Go get the way-cool (and award-winning) book called "Head First Java" (O'Reilly), It's written in a very friendly, hip style, but when all is said and done, gives you a serious Java intro.

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